Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Death Merchants

The angst over the holocaust is real. It should be, even 60+ years later, as it was a terrible time in history.  What is worse is the millions more babies lost to abortion. Take the holocaust and multiply it by seven-fold...

...all in the name of choice...SAD!

The new administration are proving themselves to be agents of death.  Forget the change mantra they so eloquently campaigned upon.

Under FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act), health care providers would be REQUIRED to perform abortions or lose federal funding.  What about Docs with a conscience? Too bad..the Death Merchants in Washington want babies killed.


Partial Birth Abortions...allowed..

Taxpayer funded Abortions..allowed..

Minors are free game to the abortionist (no parental notification)...

The FIGHT FOCA website has plenty of good information. Nearly 700,000 caring Americans have signed their petition. 

Won't you fight against the killing of innocents?

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