Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black or Multi-Racial

Is Barack Obama black?....or the more politically correct term of 'African-American'..which is, in and of itself, very silly. I guess I'm a German-American and my wife is a Scot/Irish-American or my friend Steve is a Polish-American.

Barack Obama's dad was a Kenyan...an African. His mom was white. He was, supposedly, born in Hawaii but then lived in Indonesia with yet another husband of his mother who was a Muslim and sent young Barry to a Muslim school as a youngster.

Then, due to his mother's lack of ability to parent, he was raised by his WHITE grandparents. *Note, his grandmother has just passed & our deepest regrets to his family.*

So, back to the question...is he black or multi-racial. I'll let you decide.

Since he is the President-elect...can we finally stop with the whole racism garbage?

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