Friday, November 21, 2008

Private School for Obama's Kids

President-elect and Michelle Obama have chosen Sidwell Friends as the school of choice for their girls.  There were some who hoped the Obama family might actually choose a public school.  Maybe out in the heartland, but in downtown Washington, DC???...dream on!

AP Story on their school choice.

The question can now be asked if a President Obama will support school choice for the rest of us?  Will he bow to the pressure from the radical leadership at the NEA and disallow us regular Joes a shot at sending our kids to the school of our choice.  I am sure Obama doesn't have the strength to fight the liberal NEA

Back to Sidwell the Obamas understand the Quaker influence on the school?  Do they even know it is affiliated with the Religious Society of Friends?
I actually read what the Quakers believe and it is quite good.  Did the President-elect consult with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the 'black agenda'?  Obviously, I'm kidding about consulting with Rev. Wright.

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