Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Glenn Beck & Fox News Channel

It was great to see Glenn Beck on the #1 Cable News Channel. His new show arrives early next year and I'm thrilled to see him on Fox.  Stay tuned for more information and if you have a second, check out Glenn's website.

Tonight, our staffers added Karl Rove's website to The Conservative Thinkers list.  Our list is continuing to be one of the best in the land of conservatism.

We were also informed by a guy named Michael at "The Weather Guy " that he has added The Conservative Thinker to his list of "Blogs I Read"....thanks Michael.  

Lastly, we hear first lady Laura Bush will be releasing a 'tell-all' book about living the last 8 years in the White House.  I'll bet it is much nicer to her husband than some of the clowns who've recently released books (like a former Press Sec'y)..

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