Monday, November 17, 2008

Keeping Your Friends Close and Enemies Closer

Seems like President-elect Obama is using the old adage of "keeping your friends close and enemies closer"....his 'team' is made up of a bunch of old Clinton people.   We'll get in to the list in a future post, but with naming Rahm Emanuel and John Podesta (who I sat next to at dinner...not on night in Washington) to key spots on his team, he might as well name Senator Clinton and her husband to some spots on it as well! 

How do you explain the fact that 40% of voters didn't bother to show up at the polls?

From the "Are You Kidding Me?" department....
Greg Craig is apparently going to be White House counsel.  If his name is familiar to you, here is why.  He defended then-President Clinton against impeachment proceedings.   Craig also defended John Hinckley, (yep, one and the same) who attempted an assasination on President Reagan.  

The President-elect's interview drew a big number for CBS' 60 Minutes.  I suspect it was a curiousity factor moment for those of us who are somewhat suspicious of the 44th president. 
Been almost 10 years since 60 Minutes had that big of an audience.   

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